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Strategic Analysis Before Crm Implementation

Many make the mistake of implementing a CRM solution without doing a strategic analysis before. CRM software is very different from other, as it?s a tool used by people to manage other people. It differs greatly from software like Microsoft Word or Excel, where the product resulting from its use could be a word document or a spreadsheet, respectively. The product of CRM software is the software itself.

Before implementing a CRM solution you need to ask the following questions : who needs the solution?, why do they need CRM?, at what degree do they need it?, are there any alternatives?, what are the different CRM models that could be implemented?, what implementation methodology is it going to be followed? And the list goes on? All of these questions are part of what is known as a ?strategic analysis?.

CRM software is a very delicate one. Even a small error could be fatal, resulting in mad customers, a negative return in investments, losing clients, disorganization and misinformation. To prevent every possible error, all the CRM software users must be evaluate their demands so a CRM customization can proceed. CRM customization is very important, as it will guarantee user adoption and maximize the probabilities of a successful implementation.

All of these questions and evaluations would form part of a ?strategicanalysis?, though. Assuming a CRM solution will be successful just from completing these steps would be a tremendous mistake, as the strategic analysis could be wrong or maybe not as exact as planned. That?s why observing the behavior of the CRM processes should be done, at least for a week. After that evaluation period, an analysis of the results must be made, and predict what would be the future of that CRM implementation. If the results don?t satisfy its users? demands, a strategic pre-analysis should be realized again.

And that?s pretty much what a strategic analysis is. You must keep in mind that the possibilities of errors still exist, but they should be not so critical and easier to resolve on the run. If any error should arise, you must always have a way to handle it. For example, there are many companies that provide CRM support, CRM customization services or CRM training. You could also opt for having a CRM department specialized at handling the possible errors that could be presented.

As a conclusion, don?t think on implementing a CRM solution without realizing a previous strategic analysis. This will surely pay off on the long run, and ensure a return on investments.