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Make Sure Your Ugg Boots Are Genuine Ugg Boots

When any item of fashion or quality becomes a huge success there are always unscrupulous people who will try and jump on the band wagon by making pirate copies.

This happens all the time with bootlegged copies of films and music principally because of the ease with which film and music can be downloaded from the internet. With clothing and shoes it is usually sweat shops in poorer countries where child labour is common that these items are copied. There is a movement initiated by the United Nations which battles global child labour but the difficulties in implementing this are enormous.

Before you buy any fashionable item of clothing or footwear, always make sure it is the genuine article and not a fake copy. By buying fakes you are almost certainly encouraging exploitation of children.

For example, make sure the Ugg boots you are about to buy are genuine Ugg boots. This may not be a particularly good example as genuine Ugg boots are so good looking and comfortable that it is highly unlikely you would be fooled by a copy.

Today there are one hundred and ninety two member states in the United Nations. The last to join was Montenegro and rather surprisingly the penultimate to join was Switzerland. It was founded during the Second World War by the allies of Britain and the United States. Although it is often criticised for its lack of teeth in war torn countries, when it comes to world education and abolition of child slavery it has been a great deal more successful.

Recently, the United Nations has been particularly poorly represented in some African countries where civil war is rife. There is a superb account of the ineffectiveness of United Nation troops who through no fault of their own had orders which made them simply observers whilst carnage was going on around them. The book was written by a Dutch author who spent many years observing the United Nations troops all over the world.

One of the major faults when deploying United Nations troops is that they invariably come from poorer countries. Their clothing, equipment and boots are often not of the same standard as wealthier countries.

Any soldier will tell you that his boots are the most important item of clothing. In the soaked fields of France and Belgium in the First World War, the poor quality of the boots worn by British soldiers led to tens of thousands of men being returned home with serious feet problems.

Boots nowadays are generally well made and will last many years in all weathers if looked after. Ugg boots are a good example of quality and style. The materials used are of the best quality and the poor old soldiers of the First World War would have turned green with envy had they seen anyone wearing a pair of these boots.