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Hopes Amid Prophecy of World Ending

2012 is said to be the end of Mayan calendar. Contrary to what others believe that the world will end, hopefully some accounts trashing this hearsay is truer that next year will be more of transformation from focus to monetary to heightened spiritual and intuition. In this case, there could be no need to dispose all the shares and other forms of investments like wall painting lest that they'd be useless for the coming year.

Prophecies and visions seem to be active recently. And how precious you are to be part of this let us call it, "trend" to put some light tone to this highly spiritual and divine incidents. You had no idea as to how 2012 will be for you in the middle of this news of not-so good in nature. But then, life is still beautiful and wonderful, in spite of whatever will come our way. It is just a matter of belief, faith, and commitment to betterment. There are things in life that are for free and these are thoughts that come to your mind. Declaration of what was being done to you negatively or the wrong things that are going on in your life is not being negative at all but just being truthful. Positivity is that despite ugly reality, you still want goodness or the best to come to your life. Asian art can be at its best prior to world ending if prophecy is true which means that until the world is washed away, life needs to continue to strive to its best. After all, no one has confirmed the veracity of hearsays and prophecies are deemed as real not until events happen to prove them right.

The beauty of life is what people need to look at. The world doesn't stop as long as there are still some parts of the earth that are standing and there are still humans to inhabit the earth. And that what matters. We move forward and use the prophecies of world end as a challenge to embrace life more, to thank God for the chance of life, and to be prepared when the time comes to bid life goodbye. And prior to world ending, we can bet that paint artists have already captured the beauty of the earth and the life in it with the creation of brilliant landscape wall painting.