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Coats For Women Are Always Hot

The onset of winter means that most of us who live in cold climes take out our woolies and our heavy coats and jackets to make us warm and comfy. To the fashionable people of this world this change in season means they can put away one wardrobe and bring out another one and completely change their look.

If you are one of these people by now you have probably gone through this process and right about now you must be evaluating your wardrobe with a cynical eye. Did you spend an arm and a leg last year on coats for women that were very cool and trendy at the time but now look like something your grandmother may have worn ages ago or something out of a black and white film? It happens to the best of us.

We save up our hard earned money or we max out those credit cards and buy a great new jacket or coat in a style that is the coolest thing at the moment and that all the designers were showing in the fashion weeks and fashions shows for their fall winter collections a few months back. No sooner have we bought the piece of clothing in question though that it seems the designers are ready with their fall winter collections to show for the next year and our prized new clothes already seem to be looking dated.

Now many months later when the seasons have rolled around again and the collections that we saw in the summer are actually in stores and people are out and about wearing the hot new styles, our clothes seem painfully unhip and uncool. How do you avoid this pitfall that so many of us if not all have fallen into at one point of time or another? The answer is to buy more classic styles.

Blue may be the new black this winter or pink may be the new black or some other colour may be anointed by the fashion gurus as the hot colour of the season but if you stick with truly timeless and more neutral colours like black and charcoal or even browns when it comes to coats for women you can be sure you will never go wrong. Also be aware that the more extreme any trend whether it is the length of the coat or the fit, the more likely it is that the trend will reverse itself next year.