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Beginner Guitar Chords For Rock Songs - Chord Techniques For Beg

All beginner guitarists who want to play rock songs are itching to get started playing chords right away. So let us get some insight into the process of learning beginner guitar chords for rock songs. Naturally you can apply the basic ideas you find in this article to any genre, but the techniques for playing chords are mostly for rock guitarists. The best way to introduce you to guitar chords is to list some easy rock songs and the chords that you need to learn in order to play them. As guitar chords and tabs are easy to find on the internet, I will leave it to you to do a search for the songs you decide to play.

Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream - A C G D F

Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones - A D E B

Pink Houses by John Cougar - G C F D

Wild Thing - A D E

La Bamba - C F G

As Tears Go By - G A C D

Okay, that should be enough to get any beginner guitar player started. If you do not like the idea of playing the songs that I have listed, then just do a web search for easy rock songs. The songs listed above have these chords in common: C D E F G A B. So you have the seven major chords as your basic chords for rock songs. All of these chords can be played at the first position but in the F chord you have no alternative to playing a bar chord. Or do you?

This is the F chord as a bar chord:







You can play the F chord without the bar this way:







Simply place your left hand fingers to make the bar chord, then lift the first finger and place it at the first fret on the second string. The first and sixth strings are not played. If you move this chord up to the third fret you will have a G chord and at the fifth fret, the A chord. Any barre chord can be fingered this way, and some guitarists use these "internal" chords all the time. You use four fingers to play four string chords.

Of course, most guitarists will tell you that you should learn to play the bar chord fingering, and I agree with them. It takes a few weeks to begin to play the bar chords effectively and a few months before you are playing them with no problems, but once that is done, you are set up for a lifetime of guitar playing. The four string chords are just a way of enabling you to play more songs without too much delay.

Another way of moving chords up and down the guitar neck is by the use of power chords. Power chord is the name rock guitarists have given to a two note chord containing the root note of the chord and the note a fifth above the root. Common practice has become to play the root note an octave above, for example to play a power chord instead of E major you would play the notes E and B.







In the above example if you play with a pick you just damp the G string with a left hand finger and strum all the strings. Or you might prefer the effect when you do not play the top E string so that the E B E B ring out on the lower strings.