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Sunday 15 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

How to Build a Sprinkler System in 8 Steps

For you do it yourself (DIY) people, building your own sprinkler system will not be too difficult. If you follow these eight steps, you will be on your way to building your sprinkler system.

Step #1 Check the Codes

Check with your local city and Home Owners Association to check out the regulations and requirements for building a sprinkler system. This will be necessary if you do not want to pay fines or have to remove your sprinkler system.

Step #2 Make a Diagram

Draw a diagram of your yard or area you want the sprinkler to cover. It will be necessary when it comes to getting help in designing your system and planning where to put the sprinkler heads.

This drawing should be as accurate as you can get. The more detailed the better. It needs to show where and what kind of shrubs, grass and trees you plan to water.

Step #3 Measure Your Yard

Measure as accurately as possible all the perimeters needing to be covered. These estimates will be necessary for planning and estimating materials needed and cost of those materials. Guessing is likely to cost you time and money. Therefore, stick with the adage measure twice cut once or in this case, measure twice dig once.

Step #4 Get Help With Planning

Go to your local hardware store or builder supply store to get ideas and help to design your system. Bring your drawings with you. It will be very helpful since the picture can act as a guide to the workers.

Most builder supply stores will have guidelines and instructions of how to build a sprinkler system. Follow these guidelines and ask questions to promote better understanding.

Step #5 Choose a Sprinkler Brand

When designing a system, it will be best to use the same brand of sprinklers throughout the project so everything will be compatible. You can go online and find help in designing your system once you have decided what brand of sprinkler you want to use.

Check out the brand web site to help you get tips in designing a system. Most major brands will be helpful in letting you know what their capabilities and limitations for their brand. In most cases, their web sites will have many plan programs and booklets to help you design your system based on your yard size and needs.

Step #6 Perfect Your Plans

Draw up a plan using the information you have gained from the hardware store, builder supply store, the brand of sprinkler you want to use, and of course the requirements of your city and home owners association if you have one. This new drawing will determine where you put your sprinklers. It should reflect your intended finished outcome.

Step #7 Get Approval

Take the plans you have made to your local permits department for approval. Once you have received their approval, obtain a permit. Skipping this step can be costly and could mean you have to take out the whole system. Therefore, do not skip this important step.

Step #8 Build Your Sprinkler System

Now that you have done all of the leg work and planning, the rest will be simple. Lay out your work, and follow your plans. You have designed your system, so now all you have to do is build your system. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your new system.

Building a sprinkler system is easier than you think. It just takes a bit of planning to get it done.

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